shaping the future is our passion

We develop new products, services and business models

The only constant in the universe is change.


The wheel of disruptive developments is turning ever faster. Products, services, and entire markets are being completely revolutionized by new ideas. We know how.

Examples of our Work

accroma labtec Ltd.

Laboratory 4.0

Sample preparation completely rethought. The key to Lab 4.0 is not just collecting data and “digitizing” today’s processes and trying to connect existing devices via multiple interfaces. The question is how do we get all the data from one source and how can we ensure that the correct data is consistent from the raw sample to the result from the detector? Complete automation, sample in – result out.

imomi AG

Digital tools for private real estate sales

With the right tools, selling a property today is no more difficult than booking a flight online or selling a bike on e-bay. Imomi has developed all the necessary tools, from advertising to registration in the land register. With this tools anyone can sell their property today. Moreover, imomi has a communication center and many useful partner offers integrated.

athemi GmbH

Real Business Network

A business network should not only serve for self-expression. athemi combines networking with “real” work and real orders. With athemi it is possible to always have everything in order at the right place – namely at the respective order. This includes communication, data and the order processing. Emails will soon be a thing of the past.


Stylish space saving

A product rethought. Flexible in size and yet quite space-saving. Changeable ,playful and protective, the Craggles are the smartest trivet ever brought to market.

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